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Title: A Second
Rating: really mild
Part: 1/1
Pairing: JayBourne
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I wish I did.
Dedications: Frajaa, for she is boss ;)

Think about it. How many seconds have you wasted in your life? Thousands? Millions? Possibly billions? Defiantly too many to count. What could you have done in those seconds? What difference could you have made to the world?

It only takes a second to pull a trigger. If you look away from the road for just a second, you could crash head-on into the car in front. A second to give someone a fatal push to close to a railway line, along comes a train; a life is ended in a second. Only a second to pick a fight, one more to make a bad decision. It only takes a second for Beckham to take a penalty, and one more for the ball to hit the crossbar.

It takes a second to crack a smile, to pick the winning numbers on the Lottery. To open the envelope containing your exam results, another one to realise you’ve flunked them all. A second to reach out and hug a friend and to look both ways before crossing the road. It only takes a second to hear a crowd chanting your name, to strike up the first chord of “Crashed The Wedding”. And if you say it quickly, you can say “I love you” in just a second.

Looking over at you as we watch “Back To The Future” again, even though you know the whole script off by heart, it takes me a second to remember why I love you. It takes a second for you to grin up at me when you’ve just finished a future number one, a second for you to call me Mattie and one more for me to call you Jay.

In a second I could wipe your blond hair away from your eyes, or I could kiss the tip of your nose. I could link you hand with mine as we sat entwined on the sofa. In a second I could wipe your tears away if you ever cried, I’d stroke your back when you’d been sick for thousands of seconds if need be.

Sitting here I’m wasting seconds, each one a chance to tell you how I feel. Every second that I’ve got left to live is stretched out in front of me like a line of dominoes, whatever I do or say in the next second affects everyone other one in the line. It would take a second for you too say you feel the same way, and another to, more than likely, say that you hate me.

I’m going to change my life, and yours too Jay, in just the next second…

1 hour 4 minutes (3840 seconds) later…

It only took a second for you to smile once I told you. In a second you told me you loved me and it took one more for you to press your lips against mine and to make all my future seconds worthwhile.
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