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Title: Stars
Rating: mild, again
Part: 1/1
Pairing: JayBourne
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I wish I did.

The wind whistles softly through the trees, blowing the leaves scattered under it, as the November moon shines down on the small crowd gathering at the roadside.

A young mother, holding her baby close to her chest peers forward, trying to catch a glimpse of the scene. An older man wearing a tatty, checkered hat, cranes his neck towards the huddle. Everyone trying to gain something new, all wanting to know what happened. A single word flits through the buzzing throng, “dead”.

A tall dark-haired man, lies on the edge of the pavement, cradled in a younger man’s arms. The fallen man, no older than twenty-five, looks extremely pale, his head bearing a deep gash, wrapped tightly in a bloodstained yellow t-shirt. The younger man is bare chested, and his cheeks are tainted with salty streams running from his piercing blue eyes. He shakes his head every few seconds, trying to prevent his fringe from blocking this view. His hands tremble as he holds the man, and from what the onlookers can tell, they are, or were, the best of friends.

The passers-by whisper and mutter amongst themselves as the blond boy clutches his friend tighter, desperate not to let him go. Cautiously he leans towards the older boy’s lips, kissing them gently, before whispering three unclear words into his friend’s deathly ears.

The crowd looks towards the screeching sirens, as bright blue lights come into view. They silently make a pathway for the paramedics. Holding his obvious lover even closer, the blond boy lets out a sob, bearably audible above the noise of the chaos around him. He’s unaware of the strange men trying to prise his hands from his lover’s cold flesh. He looks up to the stars glittering above him, dancing in the night sky.

“You’re going to have to let go, son.” A paramedic soothes him, trying to get the sandy-haired lad to loosen his grip. The boy blinks at the kind man; unable to think of the words he’s meant to say. The words that could bring his baby back to him. He knows, above all else, he’ll never let go.
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